About Luro Technologies Inc.

Luro Technologies Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned business that has been providing high quality, complex solutions for more than 70 years. We are a proven leader in electrical discharge machining (EDM), precision machining, and mold manufacturing. Luro Technologies hosts an expert team of tool makers, programmers, and designers who deliver high-value manufacturing solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. Better yet, our versatile skillset serves a variety of industries.

Thanks to our commitment to quality service with fast turnaround times, you can always expect components that meet your specifications. We use the latest in EDM machine technology and open channels of communication to deliver accurate and to-the-point results. The components we create meet the need for tight tolerances to match the ever-changing needs of our clientele.

Contact our company to request an estimate for our EDM machining services. We proudly serve clients throughout Genoa City, WI